This day is an important time to recognize those who work hard and put in extreme efforts at their job. Whether you work hard in an office, are at the front line in the medical field, or anywhere in between, we thank you for the work and dedication put into what you do. 

Labor Day originated in the labor movement in 1984 by Grover Cleveland. The federal holiday was created to pay tribute to the contributions and accomplishments of all American workers.

In this time of moving on from working solo at home to working together again, we want to recognize accomplishments made by all. We are mostly thankful for the providers, patients, and payers who never stopped working, even during the pandemic. 

Don’t forget to put a little less labor in your labor day. Whether camping, cooking, relaxing, or playing, we hope you have an enjoyable weekend. 

From the Defined Physical Therapy family to yours, Happy Labor Day!

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