About Us –  Defined Physical Therapy Network

Defined Physical Therapy Network was created by Jessica and Mark Tehas in Kennesaw, Georgia to connect injured workers with convenient access to excellent medical care.  Starting as a small business, the Defined PT Network has grown tremendously.   Founded on the idea of a positive corporate culture and an exclusive focus on physical therapy for claims application,  the team strives to build and maintain close business relationships.  With national capability to standardize FCE testing protocol, the Defined PT Network offers access to a comprehensive physical therapy footprint.  The resources available are specifically dedicated to proactively address healing progress and work capability.

While individual recovery timelines vary, overall physical therapy efforts should not progress unchecked. At Defined PT, clinical oversight monitors, assesses, and ensures the delivery of medically necessary physical therapy care. Our PT Specialists view each patient as a unique assignment. Utilizing evidence-based treatment guidelines, medical expertise and proactive claim communication, the Defined PT team works continually to improve and document outcomes.

Defined PT Network, proudly offers the following services:

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
  • Physical Therapy – In-clinic Physical Rehabilitation
  • Work Conditioning/Work Hardening
  • Job Site Analysis
  • IME Coordinated & FCE Testing
  • PPD Ratings

For more information on why Defined PT Network excels at workers’ compensation patient care, check out our ‘Network’ and ‘Services’ pages at definedpt.com or email us at info@definedpt.com