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Physical Therapy Services Network

The Perfect Partner

Bringing increased workers’ compensation patient referrals to the table.

The Perfect Partner

Bringing increased workers’ compensation patient referrals to the table.

A Networking Opportunity That Makes Sense

Add Value for Injured Workers and Increase Your Practice Growth Potential.

A Better Approach to Marketing

Talented physical therapy providers are always looking for new ways to promote their services. At Defined PT, we’ve found the best marketing tool in the toolbox is providing our existing disability payors with exceptional return-to-work focused service.

Why? Satisfied employer, insurance carrier & TPA clients equate to new patient referrals.

Work injury-related physical therapy care and Functional Capacity Evaluation FCE) diagnostic testing is special.

A key objective is to reduce administrative burdens and overall physical therapy costs. However, not at the price of sacrificing responsible successful patient care. PT providers participating in the Defined PT Network are credentialed to assure they are willing to accept workers’ compensation or disability benefits and prepared to allocate the time required to achieve optimal RTW outcomes.

The Defined PT Network Provides:


    Routine physical therapy services for injured workers


    Diagnostic functional capability testing for disability application


    Excellence in patient, payor and physician communication


    Unwavering commitment to hasslefree claim payment

It’s simply an EASIER way to grow.


Patient education is more than just appointment scheduling confirmation communication, especially during physical therapy.

Injured workers who receive a prescription RX for physical therapy care often arrive at the clinic with two very simple questions: “Is this going to hurt?” and “How long is it going to take?” Some are quite skeptical, while others are reluctant to commit to the process. After all, the road to recovery from an injury or disability is can be lengthy and challenging.

At Defined Physical Therapy we believe the investment of time and effort into effective patient education is critical. Our network PT Provider clinics and internal care coordination team continually strive to improve a patient’s attitude and create an environment of trust and understanding throughout the course of treatment. The results are significant – including better recovery outcomes for both patients and clinicians.

You can count on us to be an extension of your practice, offering accurate, efficient care coordination from start to finish. We promise to give the personal, professional service that is vital to network/provider partnership success.

Defined PT is committed to sustaining mutually beneficial relationships with our physical therapy provider partners.

  • Workers’ Compensation Patient Care Coordination

    We do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Easy Access to New Patient Referral Details

    100% pre-authorized & ready for care

  • Insurance Carrier, TPA & Employer Relationships

    Workers’ compensation expertise & QA

  • Exceptional Support

    A live representative is there to assist you.

Are You Ready to Join the Defined PT Network?

Or would you like to recommend a physical therapist with proven expertise in workers’ compensation patient care? Let’s talk!