Defined Physical Therapy Network Team at the 2022 SBWC Conference

Spending time together in the 2022 SBWC Educational Conference exhibit hall is one of the best parts of the event.  Jessica Tehas, COO  Keri Fulton, VP of Operations, and Allison...
September 16, 2022

SBWC Conference 2022

Great to see so many industry friends at the 2022 Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Annual Educational Conference....
September 16, 2022
+ Workforce Diversity Aid in Physical Therapy Education

Workforce Diversity Aid in Physical Therapy Education

The Allied Health Workforce Diversity Act provides grant funding for occupational health education programs. With the support of this reintroduced Act, the PT and PTA industries can become more diverse....
June 25, 2022
+ Return to Work Recover - Deskercise

Back to Work Recovery with Deskercise

It's time we leave our homes of isolation and return back to the workplace. Avoid further injury with these helpful tips....
June 25, 2021

On the Hunt For Good Health – Celebrate May 24th Scavenger Hunt Day

May 24th is National Scavenger Hunt Day and our National DefinedPT Network encourages you and your team to get up, stretch, and have some fun! Workers’ Compensation Claims handling can...
May 10, 2021

The National Workers’ Comp & Disability Conference is Back!

The National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference is back in person - Las Vegas, Nevada October 20-22. It would be exciting to see you there! Presented by Risk & Insurance,...
May 10, 2021

Jump Start Injury Recovery this Spring with Safe Gardening Activities

With the weather getting warmer, it is essential for recovery to stretch and move as pain may increase as outdoor temperatures rise. Gardening activities are a great way to transfer...
May 10, 2021
+ PT for Long Covid

Physical Therapy for Long COVID

Even after testing negative, many patients are reporting chronic COVID symptoms. Is physical therapy a key to improving patient recovery?...
April 19, 2021

Bright Spots

The bright side of 2021 - Despite the struggles, the pandemic has been a catalyst for positive changes in the way we live, work, and learn....
March 30, 2021
+ Work from Home Habits

Work From Home Habits

Working from home? It is crucial to adopt new habits to stay productive and healthy. Here are some important tips for a positive work-from-home lifestyle....
March 25, 2021